torsdag 24 oktober 2019

My first blog post in english

This idea has been on my mind for a while. I like to write (who would have thought after 1000+ blog posts in here for the last ten years...?) and I consider myself being at least reasonably good at English. The number of readers of my running blog, as with most blogs nowadays, is on the decrease. Why not try to see if my blog could reach a new, potentially giant, audience, the big world out there that is non-Swedish speaking?

So here I am, 48-years old, more than ten years into regular running. I am a recreational runner, for sure. But in Sweden a recreational runner typically means someone who jogs a couple of times a week and don't get me wrong, there's is absolutely nothing wrong about that, but its probable or at least possible that many of them aren't even enjoying it. Hence I like to call myself a runner because to me, if there ever was something that distinguishes a runner from a "jogger, it's not about pace or the number of miles - it's about whether they actually enjoy running or not.

In addition I like to refer to myself as a determined or maybe devoted runner, a runner wanting something more than just go our for the regular run at their regular pace a couple of times a week. Performance has for a long time been at the heart of my running, although nowadays I would say the aim is performance and relaxation in a 50/50 mixture. I have enjoyed trying to accomplish certain results whether it be running a sub40 10k, a sub90 half or a sub3-hour marathon, something I have accomplished seven times by now, and in addition I have thoroughly enjoyed the planning of it all and how to get there without increasing my mileage that much. Since several years, my mileage has been very stable around 50 km (35 miles) per week. Sometimes I log 80 km/50 miles per week if I squeeze in a long run in the weekend but there's also a number of weeks where my mileage is around 40 km per week so when a year comes to a close I often find myself with a total mileage that sums up to about 50 km per week. This seems to be the mileage that I fit into my daily life with family, four kids and work without too much hazzle, and still enjoy running.

I am a reasonable fast runner, at least compared to the average runner and especially the average runner in my age group and also considering how "little" I run (something I will come back to).
Here are my PR's:

1500m: 4:50 (2018
3000m 10:20 (2020)
5000m: 17:40 (2013)
10000m: 36:44 (2014)
21,1 km: 1:21:24 (2014
42,2 km 2:50:43 (2014)

You'll notice that it's been a few years now since I had the chance to update any of these and therefore they're less relevant. Or are they? Looking at more recent races I actually haven't slowed down that much. This season I have ran a 1:23 half and a 2:53 marathon, it's been quite a while since I raced a fast 10k but I think my current capacity in the 10k which I by the way consider my worst distance, is in the low 38 minute range.

So, what I can say is that I have yet to see a deterioration from age alone, and that is very inspiring for me as a 48-year old runner. This is illustrated below looking at all my half marathons (n=16) going back to 2007.

Speaking about how "little" I run the reaction to this is typically one of the following; speaking to other runners the reaction is typically "that's really not much! When you're that fast why don't you increase your mileage to reach your ful potential?". The reaction when talking to non-runners is of course the opposite;"that's a lot". Well it really isn't, sure I have four kids, a house and a full time job but I manage to get in about five hours of running per week, something most if not all of us could do no matter what our lives look like. The accomplishment, the "talent" if you like, is perhaps the persistence and determination, wanting to do this weak after weak, year after year. My mileage is very very consistent. I am very rarely injured, selldom sick to an extent that I cannot run. As we all know, the difficulty is not to start to run, the difficulty is to continue. I also live in Sweden and although we have four distinct seasons that are all very different and to some extent, lovely, running in Sweden in the late fall in november through the entire winter does require a substantial dose of grit and mental strength, not to mention an efficient running jacket that keeps me dry, a warm base layer and metal-studded running shoes.

So here I am about to wrap up another year of running, maybe a half marathon left to race this season and about 400 more kilometers or so to run, next season is still a blank page, there are early thoughts about races and goals but experience has taught me that I might wait quite a while yet before deciding anything. Life has a tendency to happen no matter premature, detailed planning. This time of year it's nice the take a break from the performance aspect of running. Just relax, enjoying the colours of nature or perhaps using the head lamp for a mesmerising, adventurous run in pitch-black forest.

I'll stop there for now. I'll try to show some perserverance not only when it comes to running but also in this experiment of writing in english, to see if I enjoy it and to see if some new readers make their way to this distant corner of the web. There are more than a thousand previous post here to read, they do however require you're proficient in Swedish.

If you enjoyed reading this, or didn't for that matter, you're very welcome to leave a comment or ask me a question. That would encourage me to keep writing about my running and about running in general. These are exciting times to be a runner and running has brought so many positive things into my life during the last ten years. I have no intentions to stop running although I realise the reason why I run may vary over time as it has done in the past and will probably continue to do going forward!

fredag 4 oktober 2019


Då förra året blev som det blev så satte jag för första gången ett volymmål för min träning i år. Som den löpare jag är så mäter jag min träning i kilometer och inte i tid vilket kanske vore att föredra då all träning är bra träning men som löpare är man ganska ofta dum och för ensidigt fokuserad på antalet löpta mil, vilket jag bloggat om förut. Målet jag satte i januari var att avverka 2600 kilometer i löparskorna vilket ger ett veckosnitt på exakt 50 km per vecka. Siffran valdes då jag ville närma mig träningsmängden från 2016-2017 efter dippen i fjol och eftersom jag insett att det är ungefär den mängd träning jag hinner och orkar med utan att träningen också blir ett stressmoment.

Tolv års regelbunden träning sammanfattad i en bild i kilometer och timmar... har funktionen att sätta ett mål som därefter kan följas grafiskt och nu när tre fjärdedelar av året är avverkat så ser det ut så här i träningsdagboken.

Träningsmängden följer hittills i år det typiska mönstret för ett år med Stockholm Maraton, en peak i volym under senvåren och i år tränade jag bra årets fyra månader och extra mycket i mars när jag sprang över 28 mil. Den 28 april låg jag hela 175 km före schemat, sedan dess har mängden minskat, främst beroende på klart färre och kortare långpass men jag har hela tiden haft marginal till målet. Summerat så ligger jag bra till för att nå målet men jag kan inte tappa speciellt mycket i träningsmängd, bli långvarigt sjuk eller skada mig, då kommer målet inte nås utan jag måste hålla träningsmängden på ca 20 mil per månad och helst lite över det för att vara på den säkra sidan. Med lite ledigt kring december så har jag i nuläget gott hopp om att få till en bra träningsmånad som gör att jag kommer i mål även om oktober och november skulle bli lite sämre.

Några blir kanske stressade av ett sånt här mål, för mig har det snarare hjälpt mig att hålla uppe volymen. Därmed inte sagt att det alltid är något jag kommer göra men i år fyllde det lite av en comeback-funktion efter fjolåret.

Idag har jag lyxat till det med en ledig fredag helt för min egen skull för att komma ikapp lite på hemmaplan, den startade med 18 km lugn löpning i härligt soligt och svalt löparväder. Trevlig helg!