fredag 8 november 2019

Consistency and common cold


Running is a very measurable activity. Pace, cadence, pulse, splits, weekly mileage, everything and a lot more readily accessible at your wrist via your Garmin, Polar or Suunto watch. The numbers above are not very random but my weekly mileage in kilometers the last eight weeks. The thing here it's not whether it's high or low but rather the stability. This is consistency! Being able to execute the planned training week after week without becoming sick or injured. Having the capability to constantly balance the requirements of training, which sometimes is tough on the body but shouldn't be too tough, with adequate sleep, managing stress at work, maintaining a good nutrition and stay healthy even when everyone around me seem to be plaqued by common colds. This is the challenge I sometime struggle with just like everyone else.

Looking at my running year so far I can be quite pleased with the consistency. I have been able to run every week so there have been zero weeks with zero running which is good of course. There are four weeks in total with much less volyme and three of these were due to sore throat/common cold and one was due a minor calf injury during a half marathon in May. The fifth week with less running is unfortunately ongoing since I have just restarted running after a few days with a common cold with a sore throat and lightheadedness but this isn't much to worry about after two months with solid training. I just have to trust the process which have become a popular expression lately. With four kids and a full time job, having four common colds during an entire year isn't much.

I am hoping to wrap up the race season with a half marathon on November 23rd. This is not a high priority goal but rather a small, fun race and a nice change from the dull wheather and monotonous training that otherwise dominates this time of year. A chance to put on my running club singlet and race with my running club friends once more. Last year we had four runners among the top ten finishers and I placed nine with a finishing time of 1:25:21 and the aim is to place higher up and to run faster this year as my fitness is better now than it was a year ago. Still, running a race in the end of november means the wheather can spoil any detailed pre-race plans. A feet of snow on the ground, very cold temperatures or a lot of wind and any plans might need to be adjusted accordingly.

A few pictures from the same half marathon from last year.

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  1. Wow vilka mängder du fått till. Kanske tar mig till Strängnäs. Ska till Västerås den helgen och det är ju ändå rätt smidigt att köra därifrån.

    1. hej Pernilla, tack, september och oktober har varit bra träningsmånader, kompenserar det nu med en riktigt usel början på november med andra veckan med en seg förkylning som sitter envist kvar med hosta i bröstet. Siktar fortfarande på att springa i Strängnäs men måste bli frisk först :)